September 24, 2007


Last September 24, 2007, I was reading an article about Windows Vista securities and benefits of virtualization when 'something' pops up in my head! Many of my friends asks for help about their computer problems, and almost all of them at first i don't know how to fix or not.

Thankfully, I never let them down.

Why can't I extend it to others by blogging (maybe to the world!)? and If I can do that, maybe I can change the world?! huh?!

I don't know but I hope so...I hope by blogging we (Communities and me) can help you.

I noticed that the difficulty in finding what you are looking for depends on the information that you get. Here, we gather all the information that we can get and try to test and have a concrete answers.

Please donate to keep us (me) running, we need more funding for research and development.

Great Thanks to Mr. Woody Leonhard for choosing my Customization and Tweaking Tool Winbubble as his favorite Vista Tweaker. WOW!

"WinBubble is the best free TweakUI replacement" - Windows Secrets Newsletter

If you are interested, please email me at

- Lawrence Albert

My name is Lawrence Albert an Electronics Engineer from University of Nueva Caceres at Naga City, Philippines.

I started writing articles while staying at Takasago, Japan for 1 year, continued writing softwares at Makati City and now at my hometown.

Thanks to Microsoft, Google,,,,, and other websites and companies that help me grow and learn a lot of things such as Shell, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Metropolitan Naga Water District.

Thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your helpful blog.
it's very helpful and fun some of them.

Thanks again,

Rocky Lubbock said...

Winguggle is an awesome program. I have a computer business and many of my clients misplace their cdkeys for windows and office, and this is such a clean and simple program. You're going to go far. I'll keep returning to find out what's new. Thanks and hope to donate to you soon! Everyone should send you at least $5 for your great effort.

urLuckyCharm said...

Great blog! keep up the good work!
let's support winbubble and other stuff here!
keep on blogging!

Teacher Chen said...

your Winbubble is very useful. i have been looking for a solution to recover the hibernate option for a week, and yours is the best. great help.

Reinon said...

your winbubble program is absolutely wow. Much of what your program does saves me loads of from doing them manually. Your tips are also helpful!